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Throughout life, people are destined to cross each other’s paths, whether by chance or planned. Those you come in contact with have an impact on your life in one way or another helping to shape our thoughts, viewpoints, and morals. These people, whether complete strangers, or those constant in your life, can alter your life altogether. The way we think, believe, and interpret the world around us is not constant. It is human nature for us to change our minds and beliefs especially by the influence of our environment. It is said that the majority of people you meet in your lifetime are met during your college year. An online study estimated that you produce about 450 relationships a year during this time. If true then in my four years at UNT I have met roughly 2,000 people. Making my way through life, just as everyone else around me, I decided to photograph the shoes of the individuals I have come in contact with during these four crucial years. These photographs give a sense of their personality and show how different the individuals you meet really are. When it comes down to it we all play a role in influencing one another’s paths of life.

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