The current focus of my attention has been towards the Perspective project. I have been working hard on this project for about since August. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, I am photographing people’s shoes in attempt to capture to journey of everyone’s crossing paths. It is a goal to photograph 2,000, the estimated number of people I have met while in college, different pairs of shoes in different locations. In photographing the shoes of individuals who have crossed my path, the project is about showing the way every individual has an impact on your life. Everyone is faced with their own battles and the way they approach them can influence others to see their own situations in a new light. You may not agree with the way someone has decided to go about doing some thing, but you are more than likely not aware of the factors they have to think about. On this journey I have met new friends, caught up with old ones, and have learned new things about the friends I have. Everyone has a story and everyone’s point of view on situations are different. Those challenges we have faced in our lives shape the way we carry out our daily activities. The chain reaction of events shape and mold us constantly into newly changed people. As we change, those around us are impacted, as we are right back by them. Next time you see someone sitting alone, think about what that person may have to offer you if you just got to know them.